Privacy Policy Feature

Allow you to add Privacy Policy to your App.

Profile Feature

Custom Profile is a powerful module for AppQuick that allows you to profile users by using custom fields.

Push Notifications

Send geo-targeted messages to keep users updated and engaged. It’s unlimited.

QR Coupon

Create venues for your business or improve your newsletter opening by distributing your own QR Codes to your users. They flash the code and they unlock the rewards in your application.


The feature you needed to add some fun to your apps and launch your own Quiz apps.

Radio Feature

Stream live radio right from the app. Create professional radio app with this module.

Real Time Chat

You will be able to create public chatrooms and let your users create their own private chatrooms and chat with each other.

RSS Feed Feature

Integrate feeds from blogs, radio, and other media.

Set Meal

Allowing Restaurants to Accept food orders directly from customer’s mobile phone & table.


Allow you to add Shopify link to your App.

Source Code

Insert your own HTML 5, CSS, Javascript, or any client-side code to make your app truly unique.

Tips Calculator

This feature allows your users to calculate tips with their app.

Topics Feature

Allows you to create Topics your users can subscribe to, in order for you to send Push Notifications and In App Messages.

Twitter Feature

Integrate Twitter into your app.

Videos Feature

Add video playlists from YouTube, Vimeo, and Podcast.


Allow you to add Magento link to your App.


A simple and pleasant feature for your users. Let them look for the weather.

Woocommerece Link

Integrate any Woocommerce shop natively in your applications.

Woocommerece Feature

Integrate a mobile shopping cart from a single or several stores and boost sales by using PayPal, Stripe, Cheque..... etc.

WordPress Feature

WordPress feature enables you to integrate the content of a WordPress blog or website in your application.