How to integrate Ads in the app with AdMob?

1. Create an adwords account

To login to AdMob you need an Adwords Google account. Create one first at

2. Login to AdMob


And create your account after choosing your Adwords account

3. Create your ad

– click on “Monetize a new app”

– Select an app:

  • If you have an app which is already published and which contains the AdMob framework already, choose “Search for an application”

  • If your app is not published yet, choose “Add an app manually”

In this second case, enter the name of your app.

Select the platform depending if you want to integrate your ad on an iOS, Android or Windows device. (On AppQuick CMS for now it just concerns iOS and Android). Then click on “Add app”

Then choose from interstitial or banner. An interstitial ad is an ad which will open when the app starts on the homepage only, covering all the screen size.

For the kind of ad that will be displayed we advise you to choose if it will be text ads only, illustrated ads, or video ads, or you can choose both. You can also set the delay between each ads.

Name your ad block a way you will remember like “interstitial ad for iOS”.

Click on Save and you obtain the ad block ID which looks like that: ca-app-pub-XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX/XXXXXXX

You can repeat the same process to create another kind of ad, or the same kind of ad but for another kind of system/device.

4. Add your ad block ID into your AppQuick

Just go to your editor.

Go to the Publication section

Check “Monetize my app using AdMob?” and enter the ad block IDs for each OS. Note that you can enter an ad for one OS only and this way it will display an ad just for the devices using this OS. For example if you enter an ad block ID for iOS and not for Android, only the iOS devices will see the ad, the Android ones will have no ad. (Note that the ad is not displayed immediately, there is always a few minutes delay after you have integrate the ad block ID before the ad is displayed in your app).

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