August 17, 2019
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You can start a successful business with minimal investment. Only the first profit will have to wait longer, and its value will not immediately be large.

Popular and fast payback is one of the ideas for business is trading with dropshipping. Dropshipping is a scheme of cooperation between the online store and the supplier, in which the store sends orders to the supplier, and the supplier sends them directly to the buyer.

Every day on the Internet, we can meet more and more such proposals for cooperation from suppliers and, accordingly, the market is growing offers on the Internet, but let’s analyze this market a little, who they are and what.

First of all, everyone is trying to save, do not order cool sites, and use free templates or designers, hoping that everything will come by itself. Yes, as they say, wanted without money. There is attempts (week-two), even invest in advertising and case that works. But what next? The global question of everyone – how to move, and even for free?

Promotion is one of the most important components in the Internet business.

And who thought that you can try to run a mobile application with the same products? Expensive? We want to confidently report – no, not expensive, moreover, You get recognition much faster than just running a website based on an online store.

What are the advantages of using the AppQuick platform:


Additional functions for attracting and retaining users: Push, Shares, Accumulative system and so on

The virtual absence of mobile applications from your competitors

Let’s summarize what you need to run your business:

1. Create your App Via and the add a mobile cart to your app .

2. Fill in the text part of the store, information about your organization or individual entrepreneur, add contact numbers, etc. All this is very simple to do with the built-in design editor and can be done within 15 minutes.

3. Enter into a contract with your supplier and export the resulting file to your store.

4. You set up advertising and process orders. Order processing is to transfer the order to your supplier. You can either receive payment from the buyer yourself and then pay it to the supplier minus your profit, or transfer the order directly to the supplier, he will accept payment from the buyer, fulfill the order and then pay you an affiliate fee.

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