Scratch Card

With the Scratch Card feature, you can offer your users a chance to win rewards and give them a fun motivation to visit your business.

You’ll be able to create as many scratch cards as you need to. To add the feature in your app, click on Scratch Card icon in the “Add pages” section:

Scratch Card setting

Scratch Card creation

Here are the things required to create a Scratch card:

  • Name: enter a name for the card, to be easier to find in your Analytics.
  • Description: for example: “You could win big. Try your luck!”.

Scratch Card creation

  • Picture Winner / Picture Loser: you can add your own pictures to illustrate the card, it appears when the foreground picture is scratched, depending on whether the player wins or loses.
  • Picture foreground: you can choose the picture that will be scratched.
  • End Date or unlimited: choose if you want your card to have a due date or if you want it to be unlimited and to remove it when you want.
  • Email for notification: enter the email address on which you want to receive a notification when a user wins.

Scratch Card pictures

Scratch-Card Points

If you enable the Scratchcard points, every time you win on this scratchcard, you will be able to win points. You can set it to reward a random amount of points if you set the minimum and maximum with different values.

Scratch Card points


For Example, if you want your users to win a random number of points between 10 and 50, then you will set the minimum to 10 and the maximum to 50. If you want them to win exactly 50 points, then you will set minimum AND maximum to 50.

You will be able to set the conversion rate of points to your currency in the Settings tab in the left of the screen:

Scratch Card setting API

Scratch Card fidelity points

In this case, 1 fidelity point will convert to one euro (because my app is set with euro). Your user will then be able to use these fidelity points in the mCommerce feature, as a discount code.

Game configuration
  • Winning chance percentage (by card)choose the odds that a user has to win the reward, the higher the percentage, the more there will be winners and vice versa.
  • Maximum winner count“: you can choose how many users you want to win the reward.
  • A player can play again“: choose if a user can play several times or not. If a user can play several times, this will affect its odds to win the reward.

Scratch Card game configuration

Winner pop-up / Loser pop-up

It will be displayed when the card is scratched.

  • Title: for example “Great! You win!”.
  • Description: for example “Better luck next time!” for Loser pop-up.
  • Picture: you can add your own picture for the pop-up.

Scratch Card Winner Pop up

Scratch Card Losser Pop up

  • Reward name: for example “One Burger”.
  • Reward description: enter a reward description that a user will see if he wins this reward.

Scratch Card Reward

Four-digit passwords creation

To validate a Reward the business owner will have to enter a four-digit password.
It is possible to create a password for each employee. Like this, it will be easier to verify who validates what.
If there are already passwords for the Loyalty Card feature, it will use these passwords and vice versa.

To create a password, you just have to click on the “Passwords” tab:

Scratch Card My Password

The Scratchcard in the application
Scratch Card in appOnce logged in, the user can scratch the card.

Scratch Card one user

The picture (Winner or Loser) appears during the scraping…

Scratch Card winner or losser

Once the card is entirely scratched, the pop-up is displayed.

Scratch Card in app2
The user discovers his reward.

To redeem his reward, the user presses “use this coupon” and shows his smartphone to the retailer.

Scratch Card Enter Password

The retailer enters his password.

Terms & Conditions

You can add “Terms and Conditions” to your Scratch card by filling the field in Settings > Terms and conditions > Scratch Card:

Scratch Card T&C

Example of Terms & Conditions:

Scratch Card Promotion Terms and Conditions


Talk here about you and your store


a. Talk about the period of the card

b. The Promoter reserves the right to extend, terminate or suspend the Promotion at any time (save that all Prizes allocated to Scratch Cards already issued at the time of any suspension or termination will be honoured).


a. Detail here how to enter the Scratchcard (account created via my account feature, etc)

b. Participants must be (your country) residents aged 16 or over to play and claim a prize. Employees of (your store), their immediate families, agents or anyone else professionally associated with the administration of the Promotion may not enter.

c. To play, Participants scratch a single panel to reveal a message detailing the Prize they have won. Full instructions for claiming a Prize are on every Scratch Card. It is free to claim a Prize and to receive it. Prizes must be claimed by (end date).


Detail the prizes


a. Full details of how to claim Prizes are on each Scratch Card.

b. All claims will be validated by the Promoter by reference to the unique number of the Scratch Card and the membership number of the Relevant Contract.

Keep in mind that it’s just an example, and you may add some legal protection to it.

Note: It is not possible to edit a scratch card. Only one scratch card can be used at a time in the feature.

If you want to offer several scratch cards you need to add the feature for each scratch card you want to propose.