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November 2, 2016
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AppQuick Launches Beta Version of its Mobile App Builder Software For Worldwide Customers

AppQuick has launched the beta version of its Mobile App Builder Software. Until now individuals and companies had to spend thousands of dollars to create a mobile app to market their businesses and interests.

AppQuick is free mobile app builder software that allows a person/individual to create a highly customized smartphone app with no experience necessary and no coding knowledge; the only requirement for creating an app is to sign up for free and input their information.

AppQuick will publish Android apps on Google Play & iPhone apps on iTunes for the individual or business for free.


With each passing, day mobile phones are becoming a crucial part of the fast-paced life of today’s generation, not just in terms of communication, but as a medium to get direct access to the internet as well.

Following are the reasons why AppQuick can be the fastest growing Apps Builder service Worldwide:
1. Apps can be built for free
2. Create an app in minutes
3. No coding skills required
4. Apps get published & shared
5. Apps can be easily monetized
6. App publishers get real-time App Analytics

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