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Padlock Pro – Lock your feature based on each User/Roles


This module allows app owners to lock pages or group of pages based on different user roles.

For translation please use file named loginredirect.csv

Consider an App for school and you have 3 types of users here.

  • Students

  • Teachers

  • Parents

You create a Role for each one by creating a Folder and Assigning pages you want them to see.

Now you have to assign each user a Role in Padlock Pro Backend Admin view. that’s it.

When user logs into the app using Padlock pro menu he will be automatically redirected to Folder/Role assigned to them.

Please make sure you deactivate the Folders/Roles menus from backend so that guest users can’t see them.


  • Protect / Lock single / multiple menus / features

  • Assign a Single page or Multiple pages to a User

  • Enterprise level access for each departments etc.

What this module can’t do :

  • Users can’t be automatically assigned to any role. App admin has to assign role/page to each user you want to have access to protected pages.

  • Users have to self register or be added by admin and then will be visible in Login Redirect Module for assigning a role.

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